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John The Baptist
Home away from home
2007/1/23 5:46
From US
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Unless my Spanish fails me, they named this mission for poor John,who got to baptize Jesus, but went on to get his head on a platter. Salome apparently danced the Grizzly Bear for Herod & asked for the head. Me, I'd have held out for a tricked out Harley or something I could actually use...The Spanish tended to name things for the day they were dedicated.
This mission chain is the bane of the existance of all the parents of California 4th graders. The kids are required by their unreasonable trachers to make a model mission. There go the sugar cubes, cardboard and whatever else can be masticated together with ten pounds of hot glue. I've collected quite a slide show over my years as an elementary school teacher.
The placement of the missions was along the El Camino Real, a day's walk apart. It wasn't a good idea to sleep rough 200 years ago. That Grizzly Bear is on our State Flag for a reason: Ursus arctos horribilis (the horrible bear) lived in these parts till the last one was shot in Oreville back in 1926 (by a guy named Agnew!). This bear wouldn't just wake you up. He needed to prove to one and all that they were made of protein...Mac

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jpg  Make Way for Ducklings with chickens substituted..jpg (117.30 KB)
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jpg  Parents help the kids cross the street..jpg (128.20 KB)
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jpg  Pioneer cabin without lice....jpg (223.79 KB)
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jpg  Private Go Away Beat it Scram Hit the road....jpg (118.68 KB)
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jpg  ramshakle ranch construction from the early 50\'s.jpg (172.29 KB)
20_4829d794e4ac2.jpg 1728X1152 px

jpg  What\'s left of the original King\'s Highway.jpg (136.76 KB)
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Posted on: 2008/5/13 18:02
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